Perhaps one of the reasons why, still today, far too many folks, haven’t ventured near a gym or near a basket ball court or even a municipal park is that they still think exercise is still so darn hard. Well, if you are weighing a hefty two hundred and fifty or sixty plus pounds, exercise might be hard for you in the beginning, but after a few weeks on the treadmill towards health, you’ll be so glad you came this far. You’ll be breathing a lot easier too, in more ways than one.

Your cardiovascular levels will have started to churn its engine wheels in a healthy sort of way and your rib cage will have given you more space to breathe more efficiently. You’ll always have space to come up for air. But even so, many folks reading this now may still not be convinced. Fair enough, it is easy to suggest that you’ll never know unless you try. Better still, we could make the motivation by asking this important question.

What’s more important for you right now? Your health or an early grave. Because if you don’t start losing weight now, that’s where you’ll be heading. Death can be a great leveler when it happens to someone in the family. For instance, an old man finally dies of lung cancer, even though he kicked the habit several years ago. And yet there are family members who continue to smoke. But then there are those who give it all up.

Go to your GP and take the first step towards taking care of your health and valuing your life. He’ll give you a thorough exam and set you on your way. And he’ll tell you that you have nothing to fear where exercise is concerned.